Entry: Boy he's good-- he's even got Canadians working with him Wednesday, November 05, 2008

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Paul O'Keefe
November 6, 2008   09:20 AM PST
Are you serious? Are you kicked out of the grind?
November 6, 2008   11:24 AM PST
Yep. Last Thursday's strip was down for a few hours apparently and I got called on it on Friday. The rule is that the last ten strips should always be viewable.

It's a technicality that also snagged one of my favourite Grinders a couple months ago so precedent had already been set.

I'm a little bummed of course and had always assumed it would be Blogdrive that would do me in not my image host (Imageshack) but there ya go.

Thanks for checking in. I'm still going to post regularly-- haven't missed a deadline yet, and we (they, I guess now) are coming up to 1000 strips so that might be a good send off.
November 6, 2008   06:00 PM PST
I don't understand? Your strip was up on Thursday wasn't it? I remember looking in before heading home from work.
November 6, 2008   07:45 PM PST
You're right-- it was up on Thursday but it doesn't matter if the judges don't see it.

Billis had the same judgement against him so there's not much I can do.
Paul O'Keefe
November 7, 2008   06:18 AM PST
At least Obama got in.

Sorry about the grind thing. Do you want me to slash the judge's virtual tires or something?
November 10, 2008   12:19 AM PST
Ah, yes, a familiar flavor!

November 10, 2008   02:39 PM PST
Paul-- thanks but let's keep the next eight years (at least) violence free, eh?

Billis-- I guess I can play in your Suicide Grind now.
November 11, 2008   11:13 PM PST
When will I get moved? When will The Suicide Grind be able to begin?

The future!
January 2, 2009   12:27 PM PST
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