Entry: some kinda fun Friday, October 17, 2008

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The original bad luck band.  Shoulda been bigger outside Ontario but far a van accident and a broken arm or two just as they were going on a Nation-wide tour.


Paul O'Keefe
October 20, 2008   07:11 AM PDT
Wow, this strip is such a downer.

I'll bite. What else is dead? Punk?
October 20, 2008   10:57 PM PDT
hope. youth. dreams.

roger daltrey said rock was dead thirty years ago. doesn't keep anyone from playing it though.
mr Jones
October 24, 2008   10:38 AM PDT
What was the name of the band from Buffalo we saw Frankie and the boys help out at Nags Head North ?
October 24, 2008   10:13 PM PDT
i was trying to remember this myself-- i'm thinking the shakers but i'm not totally sold...
mr Jones
October 27, 2008   11:20 AM PDT
I think it was the Luppins.
October 29, 2008   12:04 AM PDT
tweaks some misbegotten chord. you may be right.

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